The Hobbit Read-Along Part 3

This Hobbit and LOTR Read-Along is hosted by Little Red Reviewer and Geeky Daddy

See Parts One and Two Here.

The following discussion questions pertain to the last third of the book, so if for some horrid reason you haven't read The Hobbit, you are hereby warned: Spoilers Ahead.

I'm battening down the hatches here for the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irene, but I think I have time to get this down.

What were your thoughts of how Smaug was killed? If you did not like it what
do you think Tolkien could have done differently?

I absolutely love it. I love it on the story level and the thematic level. I love that it's a bit of a subversion of a fairy-tale or epic plot. There is a Hero, but he's not the main character of the story that you're following. Yet the heroic plot couldn't have happened without Bilbo behind the scenes.

Were you satisfied with the ending of The Hobbit?

Yup. It's a bit of a left turn for the plot, but I like that. I like that the death of the dragon isn't the magic end to all the problems that the dwarves think it should be. The book draws you in with the fantasy adventure, and then turns around and says "and that's why war is awful. Get it now?"

What or who was your favorite part of the book?

Possibly Bilbo arguing with Smaug. I had forgotten how great that scene was. Of course, I'm also a huge sucker for this song:

What were your thoughts when Bilbo gave Bard the Arkenstone of Thrain?

It was a good idea, it came from the right motivation, but there wasn't much chance it was actually going to prevent bloodshed.

After reading the book will you be going to see The Hobbit in theaters?

Hell, yes. But, you probably knew that by now. :)

Coming Soon: LOTR! Maybe I'll get a head start on my re-reading during the storm...


  1. Great insight about this story being a reaction to war. We kill the dragon, yet that just incites people to want to kill each other even more. Wait a minute, that doesn't make much sense, except that it does.

    my husband's been singing the '77 Hobbit songs all month.

    Hope you do OK w/Irene!!


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