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Hunter (Lackey 2015)

Hunter Mercedes Lackey, 2015 New Release! I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for the purpose of review. Premise: The barriers between Earth and another, unknown place have grown thin, and humanity now lives in protected cities where they are safe from creatures of magic and myth. Joy is a Hunter, one of a small group of people born with the ability to manipulate magic and fight off incursions of dangerous critters from the Otherworld. She has been called to Apex city to train and work with other Hunters and meet her uncle, an important politician. But politics can turn deadly when a lot is at stake and Joy has to be very careful about who she trusts… To be upfront: is this sometimes a little like The Hunger Games ? Yes, yes it is. First-person, ridiculously badass young female character living in remote, hard-scrabble area brought to the ridiculously technologically-advanced and decadent big city to commit violence (in this case to fight monsters, not other tee

Quick Update: FREE BOOK

I'm not gone! I've just had a heck of a few months, and while I've been reading, it's mostly been re-reads of old favorites, or new books that I just didn't like enough to review. But the drought ends later today with a new review. AND! Are you looking to feed your reading habit? A Count of Five is a fantasy novel with a unique setting and a set a great characters. I haven't reviewed it because I also edited it, which seems more than a little like a conflict of interest. But you don't have to take my word for its quality, because you can get it FREE on Kindle! Get your copy TODAY only: