Emerald City Comicon Pile Of Loot

Monday, March 30, 2015

This isn't a review, because I haven't written a review in weeks. I've been super busy with other things, but I wanted to share the AWESOME stuff I got this weekend at Emerald City Comicon.

In general, I had a great time, and I got to listen to both creators I know and love and creators I'm just getting interested in talk about their work! Woo!

(Are you reading The Wicked & The Divine yet? Get thee to a comic shop, stat!)

I got some neat freebies from the Dark Horse Booth, Yay, preview of the next Avatar comic!

And I brought my copy of Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice to get signed, and got a free print :)

(I am so excited for book two! Read my review of book one.)

But let's get to stuff I actually put down money for...

I bought this print from a very talented friend of mine, whose work is in general awesome:

Someone recommended this comic to me a while back, I read the first issue online, then decided to pick up the whole thing from the creators. They were running a special, so I also got to pick out a print:

Speaking of prints, I picked out this super-cute postcard:

Claire Hummel, the artist, is also known for her Historical Disney Princesses collection, and we chatted super-briefly about historical costuming. This is why going to cons is so fun. 

I picked up this little art book on a whim because fan art amuses me and I like to support artists:

And even though I have almost EVERY issue, I finally picked up this big book:

I loved this series. I sung its praises extensively back when I talked about comics every week. Like I said, I collected nearly every issue.

And now I also have this:

Totally worth it.

Red Sonja: Volume One: Queen of Plagues

Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Sonja: Volume One: Queen of Plagues
Gail Simone, Walter Geovani, 2014

Premise: Collects Red Sonja #1-6. Old debts come calling for the warrior woman Red Sonja when an urgent summons comes from a king and a city important to her past. Plague and war are barreling down on a peaceful people, can Sonja save the city from Dark Annisia?

This new series got a lot of love when it came out. And I see it. The writing is Gail at her best: snark and pacing finely tuned, grounded humor alongside epic storytelling. The art is beautiful.

And yet.

The damn chain-mail bikini.

I want to love this character. I want to be above the idea that this old design hampers her. I enjoy pinup art (sometimes). I love Power Girl.

And still I spent the first two issues cringing at the damn ugly, painful-looking thing. After which, Sonja gets some different costumes, first because she’s travelling in the snow, and later for a specific battle.

Other than that, I really did enjoy this book. I think that most of the supporting characters are well crafted. The art, as I said, is gorgeous; it’s brutal in keeping with the world, evocative of old fantasy illustration, while being sleek, modern and easy to follow.

My only other quibble came with the end of the plot. There’s a few too many character twists in a row, which felt to me like in some cases a waste of characters, and in others a fall-back to overused cliches that the story had previously sidestepped. It all kind of works, but it’s not completely satisfying.

I do want to read more of this series, and especially also the related anthology series Legends of Red Sonja, in which an assortment of popular female writers take on the character.

This introductory volume, I’ll give:

3 Stars - A Good Book