Emerald City Comicon Pile Of Loot

This isn't a review, because I haven't written a review in weeks. I've been super busy with other things, but I wanted to share the AWESOME stuff I got this weekend at Emerald City Comicon.

In general, I had a great time, and I got to listen to both creators I know and love and creators I'm just getting interested in talk about their work! Woo!

(Are you reading The Wicked & The Divine yet? Get thee to a comic shop, stat!)

I got some neat freebies from the Dark Horse Booth, Yay, preview of the next Avatar comic!

And I brought my copy of Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice to get signed, and got a free print :)

(I am so excited for book two! Read my review of book one.)

But let's get to stuff I actually put down money for...

I bought this print from a very talented friend of mine, whose work is in general awesome:

Someone recommended this comic to me a while back, I read the first issue online, then decided to pick up the whole thing from the creators. They were running a special, so I also got to pick out a print:

Speaking of prints, I picked out this super-cute postcard:

Claire Hummel, the artist, is also known for her Historical Disney Princesses collection, and we chatted super-briefly about historical costuming. This is why going to cons is so fun. 

I picked up this little art book on a whim because fan art amuses me and I like to support artists:

And even though I have almost EVERY issue, I finally picked up this big book:

I loved this series. I sung its praises extensively back when I talked about comics every week. Like I said, I collected nearly every issue.

And now I also have this:

Totally worth it.


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