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Literary Analysis
A Scandal in Bohemia and Holmes on film

General Musings
Love in Teen Literature
The Appeal of the Concrete
Anticipation is All
On Hating a Fictional Character
Names Have Power
A Time for Heroes
Continuity Conundrums
Adaptation Decay?
Literary Heresy
NPR List of Top 100 SF/F Works
2010 Retrospective
2011 Retrospective

Themed Collections and Special Discussions
Historical Girls
Quote Selections from Historical Girl's Novels
Anthropomorphic Animal Societies
Animal Society Comparison Chart
Holmes Pastiches
Literary Vampire Reviews
Comparison of Vampire Novels
Pre-Tolkien Fantasy Reviews
Month-long Reading Meme: Links to Articles
Star Trek Week (Links to Reviews)
Mercedes Lackey Week

Read Along(s)
The Hobbit Part One and TwoThe Hobbit Part Three
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring Part One, Part Two, Part Three
LOTR: The Two Towers Part OnePart Two, Part Three
LOTR: Return of the King Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Top Ten Tuesday Lists
Book to Movie Adaptations
Books Purchased But Unread
Dynamic Duos
Pet Peeves
Authors Who Deserve More Recognition
Books I'd Like to See as Movies
Mean Girls
Books Recommended to Me
Sentimental Moments
Book-Related Websites
Authors I'd Like to Meet
Best and Worst Trends
Underrated Books
Loved Books I Haven't Reviewed
Books I Read Because of the Title
Childhood Favorites

Review of Kindle 3
Fun with Kindle Formatting

Comic Book Specials:

Free Comic Book Day 2010 Part One, Part Two
Bat-Timeline Archeology (Batman issues from the 90's)
Star Trek Comics from the 90's
Modern Star Trek Comics
Thoughts on the Announcement of the DC Relaunch
Free Comic Book Day 2011 Part One, Part Two
More Pre-Release Thoughts on the DC Relaunch
Holiday Comics Special!
The Case for American Vampire
Free Comic Book Day 2012 Part One, Part Two
Holiday Comics: The Tick
Holiday Comics: Generation X and Futurama
Holiday Comics: Marvel Universe
Holiday Comics: DC Universe

Full List of Weekly Comic Writeups

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