Comics Briefly DOUBLE FEATURE: American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3, Avengers Academy #18, Batgirl #24, Cloak and Dagger #1, Darkwing Duck #15, Power Girl #27

I missed last week's post due to travel, so this is two weeks' worth of comics!

Favorite Issue Last Week: Batgirl #25
Favorite Issue This Week: Avengers Academy #18

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, Batgirl and Cloak and Dagger were new in stores on 8/10/11
Avengers Academy, Darkwing Duck and Power Girl were new in stores on 8/17/11

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Sean Murphy, Colorist: Dave Stewart

This is more like it, after last month's slight let down. More action, more tense moments, more hints about Felicia's abilities, good character stuff between Felicia and Cashel, more mysteries! Bring on the vampires!

Avengers Academy #18
Writer: Christos Gage, Artist: Andrea Di Vito, Colorist: Jeromy Cox

Wow! Doing the Fear Itself tie-in issues have really forced the academy kids to step up to the plate in a big way, and the stories are better for it. I basically liked all the characters here, I liked the way they used their powers, I liked how different characters stepped up under pressure. I felt they were making what they could of a bad situation, even as missteps are causing serious injuries for some of the class.

Batgirl #24
Writer: Brian Q. Miller, Artist: Pere Perez, Colorist: Guy Major

Yes, there are hiccups in this story, and shaky bits in the resolution. But this is the very last issue of Stephanie Brown's run as Batgirl, and Brian Q. Miller pulls out all the stops in his attempt to both wrap up his run in the few pages remaining and give us fans an epic send-off for Steph. There are seven amazing full-page splash panels highlighting the potential and joy of the character. It is so beautiful and hopeful, it actually made me tear up a bit. One of my favorite issues of anything, all year.

Cloak and Dagger #1
Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: Emma Rios, Colorist: Javier Rodriguez

Especially for characters I basically know nothing about, this issue impressed me. Ostensibly part of the Spider Island event, it's really just a reintroduction to Cloak and Dagger, their relationship to each other, the world, and other heroes. It's really cool. (Apparently Cloak and Dagger were young runaways who were given some sort of experimental illegal treatment that gave them superpowers. Cloak has shadow powers and can teleport, Dagger's powers are based in light.) I like the dual monologue style, it quickly gives you a specific voice and perspective for each of them. Also, I love Emma Rios' art. It's both painterly and precise, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The writing is crisp and clever, which is what I was hoping for from Nick Spencer. I'm really looking forward to the next issue.

Darkwing Duck #15
Writer: Ian Brill, Artist: James Silvani, Colorist: Lisa Moore

A better issue than this has had in a few months, but still a bit shaky in the storytelling. Also I've heard some distressing news about Boom! losing the licensing to these characters, so this is the beginning of the end for the run. I hope they get a chance to wrap it up nicely, and I'm concerned that Disney/Marvel won't take advantage of these properties, or the great writing and art teams that have (until the last couple issues) been doing such solid work.

Power Girl #27
Writer: Matthew Sturges, Artist: Hendry Prasetya, Colorist: Jessica Kholinne

Another really fun issue by Sturges. Power Girl is confronted with a twist on the classic villainous "you can save this person or that person" challenge, and handles it with her particular flair and style. I love the little moments the most, as she displays her powers and her smarts to great effect. I have really got to track down the first year of this run. Side Note: the cover is sort of hideous, but the internal art is really nice. I've been really charmed by PG lately, and she could easily become a favorite character. Damn you, DC, for canceling all the books I collect!


  1. No! Say it ain't so! Darkwing Duck has been so much fun, and has rekindled so many memories. The comic book seasons of Buffy and Angel are what got me back into the comic book shop after MANY years away, but it's DW who has kept me coming back.

    Nice to see a Cloak and Dagger reboot - they were always a favourite of mine.

  2. I know, it's so sad! I've been pushing it on friends, everyone loves it. Newsarama reported that Boom!'s licensing agreement expires soon, and Issue 18 will be the last one. No rumors that I've seen yet about whether Disney/Marvel is doing anything with the property, though :(

    I really liked this Cloak and Dagger issue. I picked it up because I loved Nick Spencer's writing on the Jimmy Olsen special earlier this year, and this didn't disappoint.


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