Comics Briefly: Avengers Academy #17, Batman: Gates of Gotham #4

Favorite Issue this Week: Avengers Academy #17

All books were new in stores on 8/3/11

Avengers Academy #17 (Fear Itself Tie-in)
Writer: Christos Gage, Penciler: Sean Chen, Inker: Andrew Hennessy, Colorist: Jeromy Cox

I'm enjoying these Fear Itself issues of Avengers Academy. It gives the students something much larger than them to measure their own problems against. I really liked seeing how all the students react differently to the difficulties of the battle from the last few issues, especially Veil, Reptil and Striker. This issue had a nice balance of quiet moments and knock-down drag-out fighting. There were a couple of odd blips in the art, but not nearly so many as this title is prone to. There were actually some really good expressions this time!

Batman: Gates of Gotham #4
Story: Scott Snyder & Kyle Higgins, Writers: Kyle Higgins & Ryan Parrott, Artist: Dustin Nguyen & Derec Donovan, Colors: Guy Major

No real problems here, very pretty art, it's just not as compelling as the first couple. The action is well choreographed, but I think the story is getting a little lost. This issue is mostly people moving around to get ready for the big climax. I know it's difficult to pace a penultimate issue, though, and I'm still interested to see what happens in the last one.


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