Enchanting the Lady

Enchanting the Lady
Kathryne Kennedy, 2007

This book was fun and free! I believe it was a promotion, though, and I don't think it is free any longer. This was a Kindle book, and the formatting was unusual but not too bad. However, the layout did make it look like a large print YA, and it was romance, so that was odd.

Premise: Felicity ought to be heir to a Duchy, only she has none of the magic that she should have inherited from her parents. She is prepared to retire to a life of seclusion when were-lion Terence takes a sudden fervent interest in her well-being.

With all the talk of paranormal romance of late, I somehow missed the existence of its sister subgenre, fantasy romance. I would call this a fantasy regency romance.

It is a sweet book. Felicity is a fun character, although I find her relationship with her maid more than a little cloying and her occasional self-pity annoying. Terence is okay, in a broody romantic hero kind of way, and everyone's magical powers are pretty great. The romance itself is flirty and fun. And the book is short, which is a plus.

Enchanting the Lady is very simplistic as far as fantasy goes, but the magical elements work well within the plot. It does have some stereotypical romance flaws: for example, the characters seem to fall for each other because they are very pretty people, who for arbitrary reasons, have no other prospects. 

I normally don't read much romance, but I enjoyed this fluffy treat. However, I can't quite give it more than:

2 Stars – An Okay Book

Although, if there were ever a 2.5 book, this might be it.


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