Comics Briefly: American Vampire #11, X-Men: Age of X Alpha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not a lot out this week that I was interested in. Plus it's snowing and disgusting out, so I almost didn't go to the store at all.

Favorite Issue this week: American Vampire #11

Books were new in stores 1/26/11

Notable comic collections released this week:
Avengers Academy Vol. 1: Permanent Record, collecting 1-6 of the very well-written if indifferently drawn series (More about Avengers Academy two weeks ago)

The Last Unicorn, collecting the entire miniseries. I highly recommend this book if you missed the issues. It's an absolutely gorgeous adaptation, although I'm not sure if you might get lost here and there if you haven't read the book. I recommend the book, too, of course.

American Vampire #11 (The Way Out, Part Two)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Mateus Santoluco

What is there left to say about this book? I love it. I love it every month. I love Pearl. Sure, she's troubled by being a vampire, but she tries not to angst about it. She tries to be normal, up to a point. Cross her, though, and the European-style vamps had better run. The contrast here between Hattie and Pearl made for tense little dueling stories.

X-Men: Age of X Alpha
Writer: Mike Carey, Art by Walta, Barberi, Wong, Diaz, Davidson and more...

Picked this up sort of on a whim. I mean, haven't we done alternate-dystopian-present and/or post-apocalyptic future with the X-Men more than a few times now? That said, I enjoyed this little collection of snippets (hence the profusion of artists) that serves as prologue to the upcoming crossover. It does have the advantage (from my perspective) of having nothing to do with current Marvel continuity. There wasn't anything mind-blowing, but intriguing enough little twists on the characters that I'll probably at least look through the other Age of X books when they start to drop next month.

Also Considered:
Wonder Woman #606
Yeah... it's better, I guess, but I'm still not feeling it.

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