2010 Afterwords

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just a quick retrospective for 2010, my book habit, and this blog:

Best and Worst:

Best New Book I read this year: Under Heaven

Best Old Book I read for the first time this year: The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian

Best Book I read that I haven't reviewed on this site: Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Gods

Worst New Book I read this year: A Mighty Fortress
Worst Old Book I read for the first time this year: Twilight, I guess, but that feels like cheating.

Blog Stats:

Posts in 2010: 90
54 Books reviewed in 50 posts

Most Viewed Book Reviews on this site, according to Google Analytics:
The Atheist's Guide to Christmas
Basil of Baker Street

According to Blogger Analytics:
The Atheist's Guide to Christmas
The Red Wolf Conspiracy

I'm not sure what causes the discrepancy, but both most-viewed lists have a high proportion of obscure books and relatively new ones. Not to mention the weekly Comics Briefly posts: those seem to be popular.

And on a personal level, 2010 is the year I bought a Kindle, which I have used half for reading and half for proofing e-books. On a similar note, 2010 is the year we self-published my husband's novel Facsimile and the free e-book A Man of Snow and Other Seasonal Tales.

I've been doing a lot more networking in the past few months; if you're a new reader, please feel free to let me know what you like or dislike about the site!

Here's to a good 2011 for us all, full of books and chat, and hopefully more paid employment for me, as 2010 rather sucked on that level. Fear not, friendly readers, I actually read more when I'm working, because I love to read on the subway.

Happy New Year!

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