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Friday, January 14, 2011

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This week's question for discussion:

"Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?"

 Well, I read a lot of different genres off and on, but I always return to fantasy and sci-fi novels. I prefer to read about characters in extraordinary situations. I have trouble connecting to characters who aren't engaged in something larger than themselves. I love fantasy for its tales of "what could of been" and sci-fi for its tales of "what could be," (even though I don't actually believe in fairies or alien abduction, etc.)

(This is not to say that I never enjoy "realistic" fiction, but I almost never do, not any set in modern day at least. Other genres of special interest include Historical fiction, Noir, Mystery, and Horror.)

I especially enjoy novels that engage with big ideas or situations that are fantasy today: what might happen if we developed this or that technology, or met an alien race, or met a truly alien race. What would it be like to live in a world that had multiple sentient species (elves, etc.) or if magic was a normal part of life, or the gods were real and they were bastards, or there were superheroes...the more imaginative the better (while still being coherent and interesting). Bonus points for books that manage to also fit in both an exciting, adventurous plot and compelling, intriguing characters.

There are enough "true-to-life" stories in real life.  When I read, I want to explore the boundaries of imagination, and confront something new that I've never thought about before.  

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Tasha said...

Just stopping by to share some Friday blog love! Have a great weekend!
Tasha @ A Trillian Books

Howard Sherman said...

Here I am hopping on by...

I went all over the map with this question on my blog. I read and enjoy almost every genre of fiction out there. There’s no way I could just pick one.

So I talked about all of them. Even romance fiction (sort of)! I invite you to hop over to my blog at and see for yourself.

Howard A. Sherman

Belinda said...

Hopping through!! Hope your enjoying your weekend and you can find my HOP answer and FEVERfest recap at The Bookish Snob

Orhedea said...

I love your answer

Kristin said...

Hopping through! Stop by and enter my giveaway for Break of Dawn(Vampire Babylon 3) by Chris Marie Green(ends 1/24)


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