Short: Skin Trade (Anita Blake 17)

Skin Trade (Anita Blake 17)
Laurell K. Hamilton, 2009

Just in time for Halloween, I'm catching up on my Anita Blake.

Premise: Anita is called to Las Vegas to help hunt down a vampire serial killer. While there, she has to try not to have sex with were-tigers....This series is so surreal.

This one was really not bad. I continue in my opinion (from book 16) that it does feel as if Hamilton is trying to write her way out of the hole she'd dug for the series. After books and books of angst and ridiculous new powers every time you turn around, this one had a sense that things were beginning to stabilize.

I had quit after Harlequin (book 15), which I felt sunk to new depths of idiocy, and while I did break down and read Blood Noir (book 16) and felt that it was somewhat better, I didn't return to the series until recently.

There is still a great deal of ridiculous repetitive business about beasts and sex and such that mostly gets in the way of the story here. Also, I really thought the ending was dumb. There's enough hope here that I read the next few, though.  Expect reviews over the next week...

2 Stars – An Okay Book


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