Comics Briefly: American Vampire #7

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only one book this week that I was interested in.  Next Week DC really gets into their all-Batman-all-the-time push, I'll probably glance at some of those books.

This book was new in stores on 10/6/10

American Vampire #7  (Devil in the Sand Part Two)
Written by Scott Snyder
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

I've been following this book from Issue #1, and I'm still enjoying it for the most part.  I thought the art got a little sketchier than normal this month.  This is the second issue of the second story arc, based in Las Vegas when the Hoover Dam was under construction.

I don't dislike Cash, the cop at the center of this story arc, but he's nothing too special yet.  I'm intrigued by what's revealed in this issue about the ulterior purpose of federal agents Jack Straw and Felicia Book (those sound like real names to you?)  And if there were any question why American Vampire is "suggested for mature readers", the nude women on the first two pages of this issue would put that to rest.  (The agents are interrogating a vampire pimp.  Just FYI.)

I enjoy the noir tone of this series, and reading this arc makes me want to learn more about how Las Vegas became the city that it is today.  Even so, I'm looking forward to getting back to Pearl, my favorite 1920's actress turned vampire, next month.

FYI, the first arc, featuring the parallel stories of Pearl Jones (in early Hollywood) and Skinner Sweet (in the Old West) is now out in graphic novel.

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