Comics Briefly: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5; Batman: The Road Home: Batman And Robin, Red Robin, The Outsiders, Batgirl; Khan: Ruling in Hell

DC has my number.  I bought a lot of books this week, but I guess I can't resist linked one-shots.  All Comics were new in stores 10/14/10

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5
Writer: Grant Morrison, Penciller: Ryan Sook,
Inks: Mick Gray, Art (pgs 22-31) Pere Perez

We've been collecting this miniseries throughout, and this issue had been delayed and delayed.  It's become a bit silly that #5 (of 6) is dropping the same week that the big Bat-Family reunion is taking place in normal continuity.  (Background: about a year ago, Batman apparently "died".  Of course he's not dead. Actually?  LOST IN TIME.  This mini-series has been the story of Batman adventuring through the ages.  In each issue, Bruce gets dropped off in a new time zone with partial amnesia.)

This issue has a bit more forward movement than some of the earlier ones, and maybe (just maybe), it's going to make some sort of sense in the next and last issue.  Bruce is not too far from the present in this one; in fact his parents have only just died.  The noir touches were very nice, but overall these have been more interesting for amusing versions of the Bat-motif through time than for the story.

You can read the first few pages here.

Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell #1

Written by Scott & David Tipton
Art by Fabio Mantovani

Oh this was really fun.  Mostly snapshots and montage of Khan and his people building their civilization on Ceti Alpha V.  The next issue should begin the story of how their grand dreams were dashed by the drastic climate change.  So, yeah, I know both ends of the story, but so what?  The art is a little wishy-washy, but Khan's speech and attitude is right on.

Okay.  I bought a LOT more comics than normal this week.  Hold onto your hats, I'll try to be brief:

Batman: The Road Home is a DC event in which the newly not-lost-in-time Bruce Wayne checks on all his various team members.  It consists of eight one shots, each focusing on a different character, tied loosely together by Bruce's secretive plans, and a consistent B-plot about Vicki Vale investigating Batman.  I'm a super sucker for "but we thought you were dead!" moments, so I couldn't resist these.  (Don't worry, most of it isn't that, FYI.)

The first four arrived this week, then two next week, and two the week after.  In continuity order:

Batman The Road Home: Batman and Robin
Written by Fabian Nicieza, Art by Cliff Richards

Strong beginning.  I don't know why Bruce has a supersuit for now, but I'll go with it. I love how simultaneously hurt and proud he is that Dick is such a great Batman without him.  Also, I haven't been following the Batman and Robin ongoing series, (although I hear it's good), but at first glance I enjoy Damian Wayne.  In all of these issues I met characters I'd like to see more of.

Batman The Road Home: Red Robin
Written by Fabian Nicieza, Pencils: Ramon Bachs, Inks: John Lucas

I'm out of touch.  I didn't know Tim Drake was Red Robin.  The art is a bit up and down, but there are some nice moments between Tim and Bruce, and Alfred gets to be awesome.  New character who amuses me: Prudence the sassy assassin.

Batman The Road Home: The Outsiders
Written by Mike Barr, Pencils: Javier Saltares,
Inkers: Rebecca Buchman &Walden Wong

I don't know much about The Outsiders, and this was the weakest one for me both in story and art.  Still, I like Katana, and she gets some nice play here.

Batman The Road Home: Batgirl
Written by Bryan Q. Miller, Art by Pere Perez

Love.  Love Love Love.  I believe I cackled with glee out loud in the comic store over the climax of this one, which was deliciously corny and sweet and wonderful.  I loved the art, I LOVE Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.  She's both deliciously silly and badass.  Love it.  New character who amuses me: Proxy.  This one also works best out of these four as a self-contained story.

There's a bit of confusion between the writers what the various things (JLA powers?) Bruce's supersuit does are actually called in the description panels, but other than that nitpick these are consistent and fun and I will definitely snatch up the other four as they arrive.


  1. Although I couldn't read 'The Road Home' reviews for fear of spoilers, I highly approve of the Batman weighted content of this bundle.

  2. I think I was pretty good, but okay. Here's a guaranteed spoiler-free review of The Road Home so far:

    Yay! I like the modern Bat-verse, although I don't really get The Outsiders. I love Stephanie Brown as Batgirl! Whee!


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