Comics Briefly: Star-Spangled War Stories #1, The Last Unicorn #4, Wonder Woman #603

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yup, I'm trying something new.  I read comics as well as books, so why not let you know what I'm following?  The following comics were new in stores on 9/29.

Star-Spangled War Stories #1 (One Shot)
Written by Billy Tucci
Pencils by Justiniano and Tom Derenick
Inker Andrew Mangum, Colorist Tom Chu

Now, you first have to know that while I know relatively little about the character, I kinda love Mademoiselle Marie.  I have the doll.  So of course I picked up this one shot story featuring DC's WWII resistance fighter.  Overall it was a decent one-shot, with a few really enjoyable scenes.  Marie parachutes in to deliver cash to a resistance cell in France, but accomplishing her mission is hampered by both her allies and her enemies.  Unfortunately, at some points the dialogue was hokey and the French badly chosen, a couple transitions were missing, badly breaking the flow, and it had an art error that confused the story for me.  On the other hand, it read a lot better on my second time through, and I did enjoy it despite the flaws.  So your mileage may vary depending on your affection for DC's war stories.

Preview Here

The Last Unicorn #4
Written by Peter S. Beagle, Adapted by Peter B. Gillis
Art by Renae De Liz, Color and Ink by Ray Dillon

I've been loving these adaptations.  Of course, I love The Last Unicorn, so I start at that level.  The last one (#3) was a little choppy, due to which parts of the story the adaptation kept and which parts were dropped for space, but I think this one was spot on.  Issue 4 concerns the approach to Haggard's castle and the stop in Hagsgate (along with the Hagsgate subplot, cut from the animated movie.)  The dialogue makes me catch my breath, it's so beautiful.  Also there is an awesome interview with Peter S. Beagle that is being serialized in the back of each issue.  The last panel's art was a little odd, but most of it was just lovely.

Wonder Woman #603
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art and cover by Don Kramer & Michael Babinski

I didn't even buy this one, just read it at the store.  This might be the most boring and annoying issue since the relaunch in #600, and that's saying something.  Stuff Happens!  It Makes No Sense!  Fight Things!  Cool Pose!  Fight Other Things!  I am not impressed.  Come on Straczynski.  I'm not hoping for much, but I tried to half-defend the new outfit.  Throw me something good.


Zak said...

Oooh, Mademoiselle Marie is awesome! She has a heroclick! Pretty much all I know about her is from that one issue of Checkmate.

Lindsay said...

I have a doll of Mme Marie. When I was researching her for my review of the doll, I discovered that Pre-Crisis she had a daughter with Alfred. She is awesome.

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