Comics Briefly: Batman Beyond #5, Darkwing Duck #5, The Last Unicorn #5, Batman The Road Home Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon

Another big haul this week, although fewer out-and-out winners than last week. 
All comics in this post were new in stores Wednesday 10/20/10.

Favorite Book this Week: Darkwing Duck
Least Favorite: Batman: The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon

Batman Beyond #5

Writer: Adam Beechen, Pencils: Ryan Benjamin
Inker: John Stanisci

Like most of the issues of this mini-series, this issue had ups and downs.  Bruce talking Catwoman Beyond or whoever she is through field medicine was pretty cool, but the reveal on the plot was if anything, stupider than the half-reveal last issue.  On the other hand, it had some good moments, good beats.  Man, that show was awesome.

(Hinty-spoiler for my problem with it:)  Dear writer: I wasn't a huge fan of that JLU episode either, but breaking characters' motivations to make your plot work is not a productive way to deal with one's dissatisfaction.

Darkwing Duck #5
Writer: Ian Brill, Artist: James Silvani

I am so glad I started collecting this a few issues ago.  This is such fun: ridiculous, zany fun.  It was sweet and funny and made me laugh out loud.  I love the little references for long-time fans.  I highly approve of this book, but be aware there was a lot of weird plot in the first few, so give yourself a chance to get acclimated if you give this title a try.  Plus my FAVORITE character is in this issue.  YAY!

The Last Unicorn #5
Written by Peter S. Beagle, Adapted by Peter B. Gillis
Art by Renae De Liz, Color and Ink by Ray Dillon

This issue was very pretty, but they are feeling the crunch with this part of the adaptation, and having to really condense the story. I would not want to try to follow this if I didn't already know the plot well.  The individual moments are amazingly well done, but the transitions are nonexistent.  I can't dislike it, but it's really a series of gorgeous impressionistic spreads starring the characters more than it is a comic book.  For example, there are almost no panels in this issue.  It's a fascinating and beautiful technique, but doesn't actually help you follow the sequence.  Take a look:

Neither “Road Home” book was as good as last week's. Two more chances next week...

Batman: The Road Home: Catwoman
Writer: Derek Fridolfs, Pencils: Peter Nguyen

Both Road Home issues this week were more about the Vicki Vale subplot than about their individual characters.  This was much less interesting to me.  Overall this issue was just okay.  I want to like  current Catwoman, but she had no real personality in this issue, so I don't know whether or not I do.  The art was up and down, the writing corny.  Overall: meh.

Batman: The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon

Storytellers: Adam Beechen and Szymon Kudranski

The art in this issue is not a style I personally like (dark and sketchy/“realistic”).  See sample on the left.  I felt that the story was dull and a little hard to follow, too: too much competing narration.  There's a few nice sentiments, but my dislike of the art style kept me from really getting into this one.  It's okay, but nothing special.


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