New Event: Star Trek Week!

Okay all you lucky people, it's time for another game of "Lindsay reads way too many books on one subject and/or theme!"

I love Star Trek. I've always liked Star Trek, but only in the past few years have I really grown to love it. So of course I attempted to destroy my young and fragile love by reading a flood of related media. I've got reviews coming up of a bunch of memoirs, a couple novels, plus I'm going to revisit my small collection of Trek related comics.

Next week, my friends, is old school. Wall to Wall Original Trek.

Here's the schedule:

Monday May 30: Provenance of Shadows (Novel)
Tuesday May 31: Beyond Uhura (Memoir)
Wednesday June 1: Reading Star Trek Comics: The Past
Thursday June 2: I Am Spock (Memoir)
Friday June 3: Harbinger:Vanguard (Novel)
Saturday June 4: Up Till Now (Memoir)
Sunday June 5: Reading Star Trek Comics: The Present

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