Comics Briefly: American Vampire #15, Ruse #3, X-Men: Legacy #249

Favorite Issue this week: X-Men: Legacy, but it was really close!

All issues were new in stores on 5/25/11

American Vampire #15 (Ghost War Part 3)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Rafael Albuquerque, Colors: Dave McCaig

As usual, the only thing wrong with this issue is that there aren't more pages! The tension of this plot is rising: Henry and the soldiers cut off, Sweet with them, Pearl on her way, I'm left wanting so much more.
(Although, this book does include a huge ad for Super 8 that is a mini comic in its own right, and an awesome looking preview for the upcoming AmVamp mini!)

Ruse #3
Writer: Mark Waid, Artist: Minck Oosterveer, Colors: Antonio Fabela

This was a stronger issue than the last one. Tension is running high in this title as well as Simon and Emma's unknown enemy continues to close in on them. The dialogue and narration was more compelling this month.

X-Men: Legacy #249
Writer: Mike Carey, Artist: Rafa Sandoval, Colors: Matthew Wilson

This has been a great week overall. The aftermath of Age of X continues to play out with the characters I'm interested in, in ways I love. I love the way it was broken up among the different stories. I am really interested in this arc for Frenzy, which I'm glad about. I didn't know anything about her before Age of X, but I really like her now. Great issue of a really intriguing book.


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