The Ambassador's Mission

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ambassador's Mission (Book One of the Traitor Spy Trilogy)
Trudi Canavan, 2010

Premise: Twenty years have passed since the Ichani invasion of Kyralia. Lorkin, son of the Black Magician Sonea, is a full-fledged Magician himself now, and eager to do something with his life. He volunteers to assist the Ambassador to Sachaka, but his parent's history with the people of that nation could come back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Cery and Sonea must deal with a mysterious rogue magician who may be targeting major thieves in the city for elimination, and the influx of a dangerous new drug.

I read the Black Magician Trilogy a few years back, and really enjoyed it. This is more of the same.

It's solid fantasy action, with an interesting world, complicated politics, sympathetic characters, and not so many characters that you get lost. I don't think a new reader would have any problem getting up to speed here, because enough time has passed since the events of the first books. If you read The Ambassador's Mission, and want to know more about Lorkin's parents, I do highly recommend the Black Magician Trilogy, even though you would know from this book at least some of what happens and which characters survive.

My only hesitation with this book is that many of the characters feel somewhat the same. They aren't really, but there isn't a lot of variation in narrative voice. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and it hints at more intriguing explorations of gender politics to come.

3 Stars – A Good Book

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