Comics Briefly: Age of X Universe #2, American Vampire #14, New Mutants #24 (Age of X Chapter 6), Ruse #2

Favorite Issue this week: New Mutants #24 (Age of X Chapter 6)

All books new in store on 4/27/11

Age of X Universe #2
Avengers (part 2) Written by Simon Spurrier, Penciled by Khoi Pham, Inked by Tom Palmer, Colored by Sonia Oback
Dazzler Written by Chuck Kim, Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

The second half of the alt-world Avengers story was both better and worse than Part One. I think it slipped over the line into too heavy-handed and obvious in its morality, but your mileage may vary. Some of the moments were still very nice, plus the art was great. The Dazzler story was fine in the writing, but it was a style of art I don't really like, so the issue was sort of a wash overall.

American Vampire #14 (Ghost War Part 2)
Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Rafael Albuqueque, Colors by Dave McCaig

Mmmm, another tasty issue of American Vampire. I either read this first or save it for last, it's always good. The art, the tone, the dialogue, all good. Plus my girl Pearl being awesome as usual. I'm so excited to find out what happens next! The only fault here is that I want more right now, and these issues feel just a smidge short at 20 pages.

New Mutants #24 (Age of X Chapter 6)
Written by Mike Carey, Penciled by Steve Kurth
Inked by Allen Martinez, Colored by Brian Reber

This is the end of the Age of X alternate-world story, and I really enjoyed it. Even though I've only been reading scattered bits of the X-folks for a while now, the ending of this was very homey for me; it felt good. I'm intrigued by the lingering plot fragments, and the climax of the battle was awesome. Great finale all around, and I am definitely going to consider picking up more X:Men Legacy as it picks up from this.

Ruse #2
Written by Mark Waid, Art by Mirco Pierfederici

This was a solid issue, but nothing exceptional. I like the concept enough to probably see it through the end of the four issue mini-series, though. The writing is quite strong.

Also Considered:
Wonder Woman  #611
Written by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester; Art by Don Kramer and Jay Leisten
I'm still not keen on huge aspects of this plot. In fact, I'm unsure what exactly happened in this issue. Also, I'm beginning to think that DC should take the letters pages away again, since the responses often make them look like pretentious jerks. However, the cape? I love the cape.

Flash #11
Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Francis Manapul
Okay issue, not much happened, good if slightly sappy writing.

Detective Comics #876
Written by Scott Snyder; Art and cover by Jock
I've been hearing nothing but good things about this run, and it seems like really good stuff but not quite a jumping on point in this issue.


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