Are You Ready?

It's that time of year! There's only one short week until one of the happiest days on the geek's calendar: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Do you know where to go on May 7th to get your free comic(s)?

The Free Comic Book Day Website has a store locator for your convenience, as well as a list of some comics you might see. (not all books are available in all locations)

If you haven't read comics in a while, or don't think you're interested, this is your chance to give it a try, for FREE.

I'm lucky, because in NYC the comic stores are very generous with their loot. Check out my posts about last year's haul: Part One, Part Two

FCBD Comics I'm especially looking forward to this year:
(Many of these issues have preview pages up on the FCBD site!)

Avatar: the Last Airbender/Clone Wars (A:TLA COMIC! WHOOO!!!)
Darkwing Duck/Chip n'Dale (This will probably be a reprint of stuff I have, but if you're not reading this yet, pick up the freebie!)
Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal (OMG SO PRETTY, and there's a NEW Mouse Guard story? YAY!)
Atomic Robo (Always entertaining)
The Misadventures of Adam West (Because the title is too funny not to seek this one out)

But I'll read them ALL, as always, and post my reactions afterward.

I love Free Comic Book Day! I got the Flash pin I wear on my jacket on a Free Comic Book Day, and some places give out posters and some places have signings...

Do you have plans for your Free Comic Book Day?


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