Comics Briefly: American Vampire #32, Batman: Li’l Gotham #1, Captain Marvel #5, Wolverine and the X-Men #19

Books new (in stores and/or online) on 10/31/12. Happy Halloween, everyone!

American Vampire #32
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

Despite the beginning being a bit of flashback for those who missed the early plotlines, this issue fits in a lot of action, twists and plot developments. Hattie reveals her plan and her allies (little bit of monologuing there), and Pearl struggles to counter her. A strong installment, and I’m eager for the resolution of this arc.

Batman: Li’l Gotham #1
Written by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, Art by Dustin Nguyen

Hey, look, a digital comic. Fancy. And AWWWWWW. It’s so CUTE! It’s half-size, like most digital-only books, but it’s a super-cute little story about Bruce teaching Damian the meaning of Halloween. Really. And the art is awesome. You’ve got 99 cents burning a hole in your pocket? Give it a shot!

Captain Marvel #5
Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist: Emma Rios, Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Closing out the first arc with a bang! Awesome art, wonderful writing. I LOVE THIS BOOK. Carol revisits her beginning, in more than one way, and her mentor Helen’s along to challenge her at every step!

Wolverine and the X-Men #19
Writer: Jason Aaron, Penciler: Nick Bradshaw Inker: Walden Wong, Colorist: Laura Martin

That’s more like it! Beast consults with the brains of the Marvel U to try to save a student, Logan and Rachel are on the track of the Hellfire kids, Angel gets some help getting his family company back, and Kitty’s interviewing prospective faculty. Hilarity definitely ensues. I loved all the cameos in this one! I giggled constantly, though I think I only downright cackled at the first one. Everyone gets a word in edgewise; I loved that the issue managed to tell several short stories and check in with every major character. It really felt like it was tying the title back together now that the big crossover is done.


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