Comics Briefly: Action Comics #13, AvX: Versus #6

This week: Two great books that taste great together!

Action Comics #13
Writer: Grant Morrison, Artist: Travel Foreman, Colorist: Brad Anderson

What fabulous craziness is Morrison up to this month? Why, just The Phantom Zone and officially bringing in a great classic supporting character, that’s all! WOO! Also the Phantom Stranger is there, but whatever. The important thing is (spoiler, highlight to read) KRYPTO! Who’s a good doggie?  YAY and Awwwww! I also just really liked the style of this issue: the evocative captions and the gorgeous art.

AvX: Versus #6
Writing and Art by just about everyone, including Kieron Gillen, Jim Cheung, and many more.

HA HA HA HA HA. I bought this because I’d read bits of it online. It’s fabulous silliness. Hope and Wanda have a beat-down! Cap and Cyclops have a fight consisting of nothing but smack-talk! Snarky editorial captions! Pixie and Squirrel Girl reveal the dark secret of AvX! (so to speak) All the science dudes fight all the other science dudes! It was awesome.


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