Comics Briefly: Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #6

Only one issue purchased this week, and it's likely to get even sparser from here on in. (See list at the bottom of this post)

Issue new in stores on 3/21/12

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #6
Writer: Chris Roberson, Pencils: Jeffery Moy, Inker: Philip Moy, Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

This issue wraps up this cute little crossover. Like most stories of its type, it's a fun exercise for fans, but nothing too special. There are a bunch of decent character beats as the Legion and the Enterprise Crew swiftly wrap up the plot: Brainiac and Spock are clever, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl show off their power, and Kirk makes a big speech about the idiocy of his enemy. Pretty standard stuff for these folks. There is one very odd panel that appears to be an art error: McCoy is clearly wielding a hypospray by the context, but the picture shows... a dagger? Well, everything is solved in short order and unraveling time paradoxes return both teams home with no one the wiser. This crossover was more fun in premise than in execution, but it was an amusing ride.

Comments about other issues this week:
Batman Beyond Unlimited #2
I read this in store. It's fine, I guess, with a couple of nice moments, but "fine" isn't worth 3.99 a month. I feel like supporting this book would just be frustrating for me.

Wonder Woman #7
This I haven't read all of yet, but I've seen some of the pages and heard the controversy. All I have to add is that I'm glad I've already dropped this book, and I have no intention of going back any time soon.

Revised Comic Scorecard:
Still collecting in issues: 
Indefinitely: American Vampire, Mouse Guard, Wolverine and the X-Men
Finishing out at least this story arc/miniseries in issues: Action Comics, Legend of Oz

Will look at the first issue when it comes out: World's Finest, Earth 2, Batman Inc., Avengers Vs. X-men, Superman Family Adventures (can't believe I forgot about this!)

Done collecting issues of:
Finished Miniseries: Huntress, Princeless, Legion/Star Trek
Will pick up the next arc in trade if I hear good things: Batman, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Demon Knights
Maybe check out the second trade, only if I hear really, really good things: Animal Man, Batgirl, Wonder Woman


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