Comics Briefly: Demon Knights #7, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #4, Wolverine and the X-Men #7

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Issue This Week: Wolverine and the X-Men #7
All Issues new in stores 3/14/12

Demon Knights #7
Writer: Paul Cornell; Pencillers: Diogenes Neves & Robson Rocha; Inkers: Oclair Albert, Julio Ferreira, Robson Rocha; Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo

This issue wraps up the first arc, with the rest of the Horde's attack on the village of Little Spring. Xanadu gets back into the thick of things, and all of the Knights acquit themselves well. The ending is dark in a way that isn't too annoying, although my favorite bit of the issue was probably a flash of black humor early on between Etrigan and Savage. Exoristos has some especially nice moments, too. I want much more of her and The Horsewoman as the series continues.

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #4
Written and Illustrated by David Petersen

Celanawe takes on the fox plaguing the Ferret King as promised, and most of the issue is taken up with the details of that battle. I did especially like an early section when he doesn't know how to begin and he is taken aback by the size of the creature. The turns of the plot by the end are touching, and the art is gorgeous as always.

Wolverine and the X-Men #7
Writer: Jason Aaron, Pencils: Nick Bradshaw, Inks: Walden Wong, Norman Lee & Nick Bradshaw, Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Yay for comics with quick recaps, even though I did remember what was going on. This issue nicely wraps up the three-issue double plotline. Kitty (aided by the mysterious inter-dimensional imps) tries to help Broo, who's up against an alien scientist determined to put down the only compassionate Brood. Meanwhile, other characters are fighting mini-Brood inside Kitty's body and Wolverine and Quentin Quire are fighting their way out of the intergalactic casino. I love this series. There's character moments going on in the background as well as the foreground, enough pathos mixed with the action and humor to keep things moving along at a nice clip, and a psychic shotgun. Whoo!

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