Comics Briefly: Action Comics #7, Huntress #6, Swamp Thing #7

I'm counting down to the end of my weekly comic buying soon (see the scorecard at the bottom of this post) but I'm not done quite yet...

Favorite Issue This Week: Action Comics #7

All Issues new in stores 3/7/12

Action Comics #7
Writer: Grant Morrison, Penciller: Rags Morales, Inker: Rick Bryant, Colorist: Brad Anderson

This was a pretty strong issue, especially the beginning. We're dropped back into the plot from three issues ago - Metropolis abducted and miniaturized, Superman determined to help. Clark's take-off toward the spaceship (despite not quite having full flying yet) was particularly great. There are a bunch of side characters in the scenes with Lois and Lex who I vaguely feel like I should know, but they're not interesting compared to Superman. There are a few silly or confusing moments, and the Steel backup is fine but uninspired. Overall, though, this is a strong issue of a strong series.

Huntress #6
Writer: Paul Levitz, Penciller: Marcus To, Inker: John Dell, Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

This closes out this mini, not with a bang but with a whimper. It was okay, I guess, but the plot continued to be repetitive and felt pointless. I was happy to see Power Girl at the end, but honestly, we'd all guessed that she was going to be there, and I was underwhelmed by the scene. The art was nice, (not the cover, the covers have been hideous) but this was overall a big disappointment.

Swamp Thing #7
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Yanick Paquette, Colors: Nathan Fairbairn

This was a pretty neat issue. Swamp Thing becomes Swamp Thing - no surprise there - and the way it happens is pretty nice. Poetic and pretty enough, mostly carried by the art. I'm glad to have the end of the arc, but I'm done collecting this title now. I'm satisfied with this ending (although I still wish this whole mess had been three issues instead of seven) but now I'm ready to drop it. Maybe I'll pick up the second trade collection if I hear that it's really good.

Current Comic Scorecard:
Still collecting in issues: 
Indefinitely: American Vampire, Mouse Guard, Wolverine and the X-Men
Finishing out at least this story arc/miniseries in issues: Demon Knights, Action Comics, Legion/Star Trek, Legend of Oz

Will look at the first issue when it comes out: World's Finest, Earth 2, Batman Inc., Avengers Vs. Xmen

Done collecting issues of:
Finished Miniseries: Huntress, Princeless
Will pick up the next arc in trade if I hear really good things: Batman, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Swamp Thing
Maybe check out the second trade, only if I hear really, really good things: Animal Man, Batgirl


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