When the LOTR movies came out, of course there was merchandise! Some of the best was the action figure lines produced by Toy Biz. We (my husband and I) actually collected the entire Fellowship in 6 inch scale, but those are currently in storage. So really the only LOTR stuff on display in our apartment is this:

Uh, yeah. That's still a lot of stuff, isn't it.
Most of it is the smallest scale, figures that are less than two inches tall. They're from a series generally called "Armies of Middle Earth". The characters have a tiny amount of articulation, but are basically just statues.

Here's the 2-inch Fellowship, coming out from between a set of Argonath bookends. Wow, that shelf is really dusty. Sorry about that...

These sets and scenes were actually pretty nice for their size. Especially the ones that were playsets, like The Bridge of Khazad-dum:
  Frodo hides from a Winged Nazgul in the ruins of Osgiliath:
The Palantir chamber in Orthanc:
I also really like the little horses in that series. Out in front we've got Theoden and Eomer:
Up above there's Gandalf (the White) on Shadowfax:
 There are a few 6-inch figures tucked into the corners of the shelf. The 6-inch figures from these lines were great quality. The costuming details and the paint work is fantastic, and many of them came with an impressive number of accessories. On our current display, in the back you can spot Elrond:
and Galadriel:
While on the other side we've combined a 6 inch Treebeard with tiny Merry and Pippin for a fun effect:

 There are a few LOTR figures scattered elsewhere in our apartment, too. Eowyn guards one of my bookshelves:
While this oversized Troll looks down from a high shelf:

But the crown of our LOTR collection is Sting!
 Gorgeous, right? Just wait until you turn it on:

The LOTR Read-Along returns next week with Part One of Return of the King!


  1. Wow, these are a lot of toys. I'm rather sad that I'm not a huge LOTR fan. I think if I re-read the series now I'd like it better. Actually I've never read the last one. I should.

  2. Awesome! Love the last one with the light, that is sweet!



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