Comics Briefly: Princeless #1, Wolverine and the X-Men #2

Favorite Book This Week: Princeless #1
All books were new in stores 11/23/11

Princeless #1
Story: Jeremy Whitley, Art by M. Goodwin and D.E. Belton, Colors by M. Goodwin and Jung-Ha Kim

I had heard a review of this book on the 3 chicks podcast a few weeks back, so I thought I knew what to expect: a humourous flipped fairy-tale. I got so much more than that. I got characters with heart and warmth, a world with fascinating corners we've barely glimpsed, and an utterly charming story about a princess off to save the day. The art is adorable and effective, the writing mostly very snappy. It's super small press, so you might have trouble tracking it down (I snagged the last copy at my comic shop) but whether you have a young comic lover (or young fantasy lover, especially female) in your life or you're just sweet on awesome All Ages books like I am, this is highly recommended.

Wolverine and the X-Men #2
Writer: Jason Aaron, Pencils and Colors: Christ Bachalo, Inkers: Tim Townsend and Jaime Mendoza

Pretty fun second issue. Maybe a hair less brilliant than the first, but it was full of action, humor, and great character moments. Iceman gets to be awesome, and I'm intrigued by a friendship between Idie and the Brood student. Also, it was super cute that Kitty Pryde was answering the letters column.

Read but did not buy:
Skimmed Red Hood and The Outlaws #3, and it looks mostly as stupid as what I've seen from the previous issues, but the last three pages or so are a ridiculously adorable flashback about Jason Todd. Yeah, I don't get it either, but it was really cute.


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