The Rogue (The Traitor Spy Trilogy, Book Two)

The Rogue (The Traitor Spy Trilogy, Book Two)
Trudi Canavan, 2011

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Premise: Sequel to The Ambassador's Mission (review here). Lorkin is adjusting to life among the so-called Traitors, trying to find a way to trade for new magical techniques without falling afoul of the faction who wants him killed. Back in Kyralia, Sonea worries about her son, but her hands are full tracking the unknown Rogue magician and dealing with two novices who stumble into dangerous knowledge. Meanwhile, Ambassador Dannyl continues his search for the lost history of magic.

I continue to really enjoy this series, but I don't think it's amazing, just solidly good. In this volume, everyone is distracted by potential romantic complications, either old flames or new love.

I think my favorite plot thread was the one about a pair of new characters: the novices Lilia and Navi. Lilia gets a lot more trouble than she bargined for when she becomes infatuated with the glamourous older Novice. She is a bit silly and a bit at fault, but her position is completely understandable. It's also nice, in the context of that plot, to see Sonea in a mentoring position.

There are no major changes in this book, but the plots are coming into congruence, and the new discoveries about the capabilities of magic seem to be headed for a clash with the old-fashioned Guild traditions.

It seems that big changes are ahead for the magicians of the Guild, whether they want it or not. While much of this book felt like set-up for the next, it was enjoyable set-up.

3 Stars - A Good Book


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