Comics Briefly: American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4, Batwoman #1, Demon Knights #1, Resurrection Man #1

Favorite Book This Week: Demon Knights #1. No Question.

All issues were new in stores on 9/14/11

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Sean Murphy, Colorist: Dave Stewart

Solid Issue. Snazzy new background information, and lots of nazi vamps get toasted. Not much else necessary to say, really.

Batwoman #1
Writers: J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, Artist: J.H. Williams III, Colors: Dave Stewart

I know, I'm the only one not head over heels for this book. The story seems fine, but I don't know. I really dislike certain aspects of the art. Maybe I need to read all the back story I missed (which doesn't speak well of a #1, I think) but I just don't like Kate yet, so I'm pretty ambivalent on this book.

Demon Knights #1
Writer: Paul Cornell, Penciller: Diogenes Neves, Inker: Oclair Albert

What a relief! I was concerned after I didn't like Stormwatch (last week, by the same author), but I loved this issue. Best book of the new 52 so far, for me. I loved the tone, I loved the characters, I just enjoyed the hell out of it. Great villains, great heroes. It is absolutely D&D in the DCU, and I couldn't be happier.

Resurrection Man #1
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Art: Fernando Dagnino, Colors: Santi Arcas

Not sure about this one. I liked this issue quite a bit; liked the premise, the writing, the twists, but I'm not sure how it would be to read an entire arc of this character.

Other Books Considered:
Batman And Robin #1
Some decent ideas in the first half of this, but... call me when Damian is anything other than a completely obnoxious prick, about which the only story is "Damian does something stupid, and other characters have to make up for it."
Also, my favorite unofficial panel about Damian is here:

Green Lantern #1
Not bad, but nothing that hooked me. Hal is a shiftless dummy, Sinestro's a jerk. What else is new?


  1. I'm thinking about picking up with DC with this new shakeup (lifelong Marvel fan), Demon Knights sounds intriguing... I'll have to check them out :)

  2. I really enjoyed Demon Knights, there was a good amount of action mixed with humor, some of it somewhat meta. (In the first issue, the characters meet in an inn. Really!) Set in the Dark Ages, it stars The Demon Etrigan, Madame Xanadu, and a good assortment of other immortal and/or magical characters.

    I also really liked Animal Man and Swamp Thing which came out last week, both heavy on horror/myth. I also enjoyed Batgirl, and Static Shock was good, but the only superhero book I can wholeheartedly recommend at this point was Action Comics. Action was really good, though.


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