Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I'd Like to Meet

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and The Bookish

This Week's Prompt is:
Top Ten Authors I Would DIE to meet (living or dead)

Well, I'm going to agree with a few other posts I've seen this morning and say that "Die" is language I'm not willing to get behind here. Here are some authors I would go out of my way to meet:

1: Lois McMaster Bujold 
Because I'm a huge fan. Duh.

2: Louisa May Alcott (requires time-travel)
Because it would be interesting to find out whether she was pissed that her book which she personally disdained became what she is most known for.

3: Stephen King
Just because I think it would be interesting.

4: Peter S. Beagle
Because I'm not sure whether he's brilliant, or just really lucky, and it would be interesting to try to figure it out.

5: J. K. Rowling
Because the woman has fascinating business sense.

I don't see the need to make this a long list, partially because I often prefer books to stand on their own. Sometimes I find out something about an author (unpleasant political position, unpleasant personality, over-inflated sense of their own importance, etc...) and then have a hard time getting past it to look at their work independent of that. I think it's easier to mentally reconcile with deceased authors, but it's still a consideration. 

On the other hand, I don't feel as though authors are as far out of reach as maybe they once were. Many comic writers, and some novel writers as well, are on Twitter and take reader questions. Or they have a blog, or a newsletter. Readings, signings, conventions; if you really want to meet someone, in many cases you can. It's easy to feel connected these days.


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