The Silence of Medair

The Silence of Medair
Andrea K. Höst, 2010

Premise: Medair was a Herald for the Palladium Empire. When the far-off Ibisians' home is destroyed by wild magic, they come to the mainland, but instead of forging peace with the Palladians, they sweep through as an unstoppable army, threatening everything she knows. Medair is sent on a last-ditch mission to capture a magical artifact that could save them. She finds it, but soon discovers that she has returned too late - 500 years too late. The book opens about six months later.

Wow. I was just swept away by this book. It was so unique and beautifully written. I simply loved it.

There was one section near the climax that I thought struck an odd note, but other than that I loved every bit of this book. It's an exploration of honor and justice in the context of the sweep of history, juxtaposing truth and myth, personal prejudice and cultural shifts. Can you stay true to your beliefs when the entire world has changed without you? Should you?

I loved Medair, clinging to her pain and her fractured principles. This is the kind of book that large publishers are scared to take a chance on. I thank Ms. Host for bringing us her fragile, beautiful world, and telling this extraordinary story.

5 Stars - An Amazing Book


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