Top Ten Tuesday - Sentimental Moments

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This Week's Prompt: 
Top Ten "Awww" Moments In Books (those cute lines, charming actions, kisses, or any other sentimental moment that made you say "AWWW!"

1: I often have a soft spot for the scene, often near the end, in 75% of Mercedes Lackey's novels in which Person A realizes that Person B, with whom he/she is secretly in love, is secretly in love with him/her too! Yes, it gets a smidge repetative, but still sweet.

2: On the subject of micommunication: Cordelia "translates" for stubborn would-be lovers Droushnakovi and Koudelka in the book Barrayar (Lois McMaster Bujold). Excerpt:
"Drou, Kou has a few things to say to you. Since you apparently speak different languages, he's asked me to be his interpreter." 
Kou made an embarrased negative motion over Cordelia's head. 
"That hand signal means, I'd rather blow up the rest of my life than look like a fool for five minutes. Ignore it."...

3: On that series, I'll add The Proposal (Final) in A Civil Campaign (Bujold). Makes me smile and giggle just thinking about it. Politics and romance come together in a gesture both grand and intimate.

4: (Trying to be relatively un-spoilery) Halfway through The Waste Lands (Stephen King, Dark Tower 3), when the final member of the group arrives. Foreboding undertones or not, it's a sweet moment. 

5: The ending of Gail Simone's first run on Birds of Prey, which is also a kick-ass triumphant scene, but builds to this gorgeous 4-page panel (Artist: Nicola Scott) and every one of those characters is on scene because they care about Oracle. And then there's one of those adorable scenes Gail writes so well with the gals bonding over take-out. And THEN Oracle goes out and brings lonely Misfit into the fold. It's completely sweet and wonderful.

6: The climax of The Adventure of the Three Garridebs (Conan Doyle), for being one of the few moments when Holmes actually shows how much he cares for his friend.

7: The closing scene between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in (alternate future graphic novel) Kingdom Come (Mark Waid, Alex Ross) is pretty sweet and wonderful, but I won't spoil it by telling you why.

8: The final strip of Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)

9: Either scene in Dragonlance: Legends (Weis and Hickman) which prominently features a rabbit.

10: The last chapter of The House at Pooh Corner


  1. You did a lovely job of avoiding spoilers.

    I tweeked "awww" a bit for my own purposes. Here's my Top Ten "Awww" Moments. I hope you'll stop by and see what you think.

  2. Sadly, I've only read The House at Pooh Corner of all the books on your list. BUt it was so long ago, I don't remember the ending. Sigh!

  3. @Anne: Winnie the Pooh deserves a re-read, I think :) The end of House of Pooh Corner is sweet and wonderful and heartbreaking. It's about Christopher Robin trying to explain to Pooh that he's going to be going away to school and so he won't be able to play much anymore... I get a little sad just thinking about it.


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