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This week's prompt is: 

Other than blogs, there aren't a great many book-related websites that I visit regularly.

1: Goodreads I use to keep my recently-read lists semi-organized, manage widgets, and to post reviews.

2. NetGalley is fairly useful, although I only read a scattering of my books from it.

What else....Oh, I know!

3. Queens Library and 4: New York Public Library These are essential to my reading habit, for managing my request lists, renewals, etc.

5: Diamond Comics Distributors Has the lists of which comics are coming out which week.

6: Wikipedia is my go-to site for 'what else is this author known for/quick list of the books in this series/etc.'

7: Amazon, I'm on a lot to read reviews and shop for cheap used books or Kindle books.

8: The Strand is a giant bookstore in Manhattan, with an enormous selection that is always changing. The website is usually correct about what they have in stock, which is a good way to check on specific books before I go.

That's most of what I use with any frequency, anyway. 


  1. We have plane tickets and hotel reservations and Broadway tickets for late July in New York City. My first visit here! Can't wait!

    Here's my list of favorite bookish spots: Top Ten Bookish Websites.

  2. I've to NYC several times but never to the Strand. Next time!!!!! (I'm jealous) But I have been to Powells in Portland and it has a pretty gnarly reputation, too. They give you a map when you enter. Ha!


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