Comics Briefly: Batman Inc. #1, Darkwing Duck #6, The Last Unicorn #6

Only a couple notable books for me this week.
Favorite Issue of the week: The Last Unicorn #6

All comics were new in stores 11/17/10

Batman Inc. #1
Writer: Grant Morrison, Penciller: Yanick Paquette

Shrug.  This was okay (I also skimmed Batman: The Return, which had better art, but was way overpriced), but I could have done without the hentai joke in the middle, or the...well, any of it. I'm kinda bored with most of the Bat-verse just now. (Did not purchase issue)

Darkwing Duck #6
Writer: Ian Brill, Artist: James Silvani,
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse

This is such a fun book, and it always makes me laugh. Magica De Spell and Negaduck's evil plans proceed apace. Although not a lot of plot was covered in this issue, there was room for lots of fun little easter eggs in the art.

The Last Unicorn #6
Written by Peter S. Beagle, Adapted by Peter B. Gillis
Art by Renae De Liz, Color and Ink by Ray Dillon

This is the final issue of the comic adaptation of the book. (If you have not read the book, go read it.  Right now.) It has all the weaknesses and strengths of the previous issues: a bit hard to follow the plot if you don't know it already, gorgeous art and amazing hand on the dialogue. I don't know if it's a pavlovian response from my experiences with the movie and the book, but I find it hard to breathe, so hard not to break down in tears in the face of such heartbreaking beauty.

So yes, it was very good.


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