Comics Briefly: Action Comics #894, Batman Beyond #6, Batwoman #0, plus Bonus: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1

Favorite Book this Week: Batman Beyond #6

First three books new in stores on 11/24, Avengers was new on 11/10.

Action Comics #894
(1st story) Writer Paul Cornell, Artist Pete Woods
(2nd story) Writer Nick Spencer, Pencils by RB Silva

The first story, Vandal Savage's obsession with Luthor, was entertaining and clever, but I think I needed some more background in what's been going on in DCU proper to fully understand.  I kinda skipped that whole Black Lantern thing.  Of course, I bought the issue to get the rest of the story with Jimmy Olsen and the partying aliens.  It didn't disappoint; lots of fun was had by me.  (I am including this, my favorite, panel for my super-knitting friends.)

Batman Beyond #6
Writer: Adam Beechen, Pencils: Ryan Benjamin
Inker: John Stanisci

Art continues to be up and down, (faces could use a little less detail in some shots, actually) but the story really came together for the last issue of this miniseries.  A little too obvious here and there, couple lines just over the edge into corny, but overall it was a really solid action-packed finale. This miniseries has been enough of a success that there's an ongoing series starting in January.  I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to collect it.

Batwoman #0
Written by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman
Art by J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder with Richard Friend

I read through this in the store but didn't find it very interesting.  It's essentially a little gimmicky intro that tells us that Kathy Kane is Batwoman and gives a little bits of her backstory.  What I didn't like was that I didn't learn anything from her perspective, just from Batman's thoughts about her. It'll have to be more compelling than that for me to pick up Issue #1 when the series starts. Also I dislike that she looks like a cross between Batman and the Joker. What's with the face paint look? 
See the first few pages here:

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1
Story by Christopher Yost, Art by Scott Wegener, Patrick Scherberger

I'm not sure how I missed this coming out a few weeks ago, since we have been enjoying the new animated series. This was cute, but not quite cute enough to pick up, since I'm currently mostly unemployed. This first issue has both the humor and the heart that I've enjoyed in the cartoon so far. Cute jokes, fun moments, bright shiny art.  I liked it.


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