Book Blogger Hop Nov 26

Book Blogger Hop
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This week's question for discussion:

"What is your favorite book cover?"

I have to say, I am a sucker for covers with pictures of the characters, rather than abstract images.  When I was young, I took all my favorite ones to the color copy place, got them copied and enlarged, and decorated my bedroom with book covers.  Mostly of Dragonlance Books.  A few Redwall and Mercedes Lackey here and there too.  One of the best of those was The History of Dragonlance, which features this painting on the cover:

On the other hand, our hardcover of Lord of the Rings is lovely. It's this edition:

The dust jackets have beautiful Alan Lee paintings, while the cover itself is a lovely dark fabric with the Eye of Sauron inlaid in foil.

Of course, I'm also proud of the book covers that I worked on, although neither depict characters:

See Facsimile and For Love of Children on Amazon. 

(Hint, hint...)


  1. Here for the Book Blog Hop. Have a lucky weekend.

    Vanessa Morgan

  2. Hopping through and I like your choices!

  3. This week's Book Blogger Hop question WAS a tough one! It took me two solid minutes to come up with an answer!

    Which book cover did I pick? I invite you to hop over to my blog and see for yourself.

    Happy Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

    Howard Sherman


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