Announcement - Facsimile is here!

Okay, time for a quick plug. Facsimile, a sci-fi novel edited by me and written by my husband, is now available on

Paperback: $8.99  Kindle: $2.99

I may be a little biased here, but I honestly think it's quite good.

Premise: Persephone lives in the near future, when most people use a profiling service for social networking. The company sells you a little camera that you wear constantly. Data that the camera picks up is used to create a highly realistic simulation of the user. Users can interact with their own profile to understand how they appear to the world (like seeing/hearing yourself on film, but interactive.)

Some people use this to construct elaborate concepts of self-image or contemplate their identity. Most people interact with other people's profiles to decide if they would like to hire or date or befriend that person. Profiles cannot learn or change on their own, they can only respond to stimulus based on the way the subject has been recorded responding to stimulus in the past.  At least that's where the book opens...

Check out the free sample for Kindle! (If you don't have a Kindle, you can read the sample on the free Kindle for PC software, which will have to suffice until Search Inside goes live.)

For more information, check out


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