Follow Friday Oct 21

This is Follow Friday, hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read

Today's Question is:

Q. What superhero is your alter-ego?

I haven't Blog-hopped in a while, but I had to answer this one. 
My real-life superpowers, FYI, are:

- the ability to find almost anything in our apartment, no matter how long it's been since I've seen it or who had it last

- the ability to make surgers behave.

A surger is a machine that looks like this:
that uses 4-5 needles and two blades to make edges that look like this:
and it's a fussy, temperamental piece of equipment.

For my super-hero alter ego, though, I'm picking Shayera Hol, aka Hawkgirl
This version, obviously
Not for her complicated love life or backstory, but because, like Hawkgirl, I can be a fun, loving, complex person but still often feel like there should be "Less talking, MORE HITTING!"


  1. An old follower hopping through. I haven't heard of Hawkgirl but she looks cool.

    Here is my alter ego

    Have a great FF :)

  2. I'm discovering so many "new" superheroes today! And congrats on your real-life superpowers...mine involve wielding pointy needles, too, only I use them for knitting. :)

    New follower!
    Happy FF!

  3. Just hopping through!

    I'm a new follower!
    Happy Friday!

    - Sarah
    Sarah's Shelf

  4. Hopping through. Very cool that you're skilled with a serger. I'd like to learn to sew - serger or not.
    My Hop

  5. I picked Wonder Woman
    New follower, here's mine

  6. Thanks for the comments, all! Sergers are especially useful if you're working with filmy fabric, because they can create nice edges. (They can also make a mess.)

    Hawkgirl (this version) is from the Justice League animated series, which I highly recommend. Her basic premise is that she was a soldier on the planet Thanagar, but she's currently on Earth, where she teams up with the local heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) to fight super-villains. And she has a romantic plotline with Green Lantern John Stewart. Of course, her favorite solutions to problems involve smashing bad guys with her electrified mace.


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