Comics Briefly: Avengers Academy #20, Legion: Secret Origin #1

Books were new in stores on 10/26/11

Avengers Academy #20
Writer: Christos Gage, Penciler: Tom Raney, Inker: Scott Hanna, Colorist Jeromy Cox

I had mixed feelings about this issue. It's well done, decently follows the reshuffle of the cast, with a few really nice character moments. It does, however, feel like this is the appropriate jumping-off point, if I want to take it.

Legion: Secret Origin #1
Writer: Paul Levitz, Artists: Chris Batista & Marc Deering, Colorist: Wes Hartman

Hey! A story about the beginning of Legion of Superheroes, with characters I recognize! That's what I wanted, and didn't get, in the New 52 Legion books! So far it's cute and fun, although not much more. Mostly told from an external point of view with mixed success. It's just a miniseries, though, so it's less of a commitment to pick up the first issue.

Read, Didn't Buy:

Justice League Dark #2: I found this pretty dull, even though the angsty character du jour was Deadman instead of Shade. Also Dove is in it. Not much happened.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1: This was completely and utterly looney tunes, in a way I really liked. Wolverine starts a school! Education Inspectors! Kitty! Hank! Inter-dimensional Imps! SHI'AR! It wasn't quite enough to buy it, though I'm tempted to go back. I'm trying to wait for the trade on some books...


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