Comics Briefly: Batman #2, Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #1, Supergirl #2, Wonder Woman #2

Favorite Issue this week: Batman #2

All books were new in stores on 10/19/11

Batman #2
Writer: Scott Snyder, Pencils: Greg Capullo, Inks: Jonathan Glapion

Okay, this is really good. Gorgeous, basically note-perfect, solid good comic. Less fun than Demon Knights, but you can't have everything. Light but nice touch on Gordon and Dick, nice expressions on Bruce. That suspended feeling of a really breathtaking panel reveal. Nice work.

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #1
Writer: Chris Roberson, Pencils: Jeffery Moy, Inker: Philip Moy, Colors: Romulo Fajardo. Jr.

Yes, I picked this up because I couldn't resist the premise. Star Trek! Legion! CROSSOVER! Whoo-hoo! This first issue is mostly set-up, and I didn't leave it quite understanding what the full set-up is, but the writing is strong, the art solid, and the premise irresistible. The opening was pretty awesome, too.

Supergirl #2
Writers: Michael Green and Mike Johnson, Penciller: Mahmud Asrar, Inker: Dan Green, Colorist: Dave McCaig

Strong second issue. Basically the standard superheroes meet'n'fight, but well balanced between Kara's panic and Superman's compassionate confusion. Also she's trying to deal with having all her superpowers start randomly, so that's fun.

Wonder Woman #2
Writer: Brian Azzarello, Artist: Cliff Chiang

I guess it's very pretty, but I'm not enjoying reading this. It just isn't a tone I like, all anger and sharp edges. There are a couple of nice moments: Diana talking with Hippolyta, practice fighting in the ring, but the rest of it I could do without.

Also Read:

Justice League #2
Better than the first issue, but not good enough to buy.

Catwoman #2
Just looking through out of morbid curiosity. Ick. Ick. Stupid. Bad writing, bad plotting, bad art. Ick.


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