Comics Briefly: American Vampire #26 and DC Second Wave

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Through a somewhat complicated set of events, I bought no comic books this week, and only one last week. However, I did read a few of the DC Second Wave books in the store, and I have thoughts.

American Vampire #26 (The Nocturnes)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Art: Roger Cruz, Colors: Dave McCaig

This was a great issue. I loved the follow-up from the most notable loose thread from The Ghost War (issues 13-18) and it was nice to see a new time and a new set of characters. Calvin's got a different viewpoint than our other main folks, and I like his vibe. Plus, just when you think you know the plot, there's a pretty sweet twist.

Books I Read This Week:

Smallville #1
Although I wasn't much of a fan of the TV series, I came closer to buying this than any of the other DC Second Wave books that launched this week. I skimmed this in the store, and it was cute. The art was a bit subpar overall, but the dialogue was cute and the tone seemed to float nicely without being too serious or too fluffy. However, I have a budget and limited space, so 'fine' might not be enough to get my 4 bucks.

Earth 2 #1
Okay, the only reason I can see to pick up this issue is because the first 2/3 or so works as a prologue to World's Finest (See Below). Sure, maybe there are fans clamoring for a team-getting-together book that stars Jay Garrick and Alan Scott, only it's 2012 and they're assholes... but I am not one of these hypothetical fans. There was one panel that I found moving, but happily, that panel is online, so you have no need to pick up the book.

World's Finest #1
I really wanted to love this book, but it was not fated to be. It's not horrible, but for a Huntress/Power Girl team-up book I found it really blah. Helena and Kara(en?) are chummy and snarky, but I don't get the feeling that they're serious, either about returning home or doing anything productive on this world. I'm much more interested in what they were going through when they first arrived in the wake of the events of the first issue of Earth 2. I mean, by now they've just been mucking around for years. Although I did find it amusing that either I misinterpreted some dialogue, or Helena's plan is to return to Earth 2 before the final battle 5 years ago, which could undo all the happenings of the Earth 2 book. Ha.

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