Comics Briefly: New Mutants #23 (Age of X Chapter 4), Supergirl #62

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Favorite Issue this week: New Mutants #23

All books new in stores on 3/23/11

New Mutants #23 (Age of X Chapter 4)
Writer: Mike Carey, Pencils: Steve Kurth
Inker: Allen Martinez, Colors: Brian Reber

I enjoyed this issue: decent pace of new revelations, good character beats, pretty artwork. I'm continuing to like this alt-world plot and all the character tweaks. I thought the minor characters' reactions to Magneto apparently killing Rogue and Gambit (at the end of the previous issue) were really good. I like Legacy/Rogue a lot. Between teaming her up with Gambit, and using Kitty as another focus character, this event is hitting a lot of my favorite X-Men soft spots.

Supergirl #62
Writer: James Peaty, Artist: Bernard Chang
Colorist: Blond

I had to read this issue twice just to understand what was going on. That's never a good sign. For all the running around the characters did, I felt like very little happened. Not much in the way of new info this issue, and Supergirl put together a team just to lose them all again. Blah.

Also considered:
Red Sonja Oneshot
The first story looked like fairly decent writing, but I wasn't about to plunk down 5 dollars for an issue that was half re-print. In the end, I just couldn't support silly-looking chain-mail bikinis.

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