Comics Briefly: Age of X: Universe #1, American Vampire #13, Dollhouse, Jimmy Olsen, Wonder Woman #609

Favorite Book This Week: Jimmy Olsen

All books new in stores on 3/30/11

Age of X: Universe #1
Avengers Writer: Simon Spurrier, Pencils: Khoi Pham, Inks: Tom Palmer, Colors: Sonia Oback
Spider-Man Writer: Jim McCann, Artist: Paul Davidson, Colors: Antonio Fabela

Neat idea: this issue (one of two) follows other Marvel Universe characters in the alt-world of Age of X. The Avengers are broken, evil and/or deranged. Sue Storm's story is particularly fractured and interesting. I look forward to the second half. It will hopefully link up with the intro frame from this, which implies nasty things for the Avengers' fate next time. The Spiderman-story is complete in this issue, and it's short, sweet, sad and satisfying.

American Vampire #13 (Ghost War Part One)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Rafel Albuquerque
Colors: Dave McCaig

Oooh, I like this new story arc. The focus is on Pearl's husband Henry, and his story is poignant and complex. My only complaint is that I want to know what happens next now!

Dollhouse One-Shot: Epitaphs
Story by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen
Art: Cliff Richards, Colors: Michelle Madsen

(This is a prequel to Epitaph One.) Overall this was a really solid little piece of story. I did feel a bit like I should go watch the episode to be clear on the characters, though. (Except Felicia Day's Maggie. I remember her.) I really enjoyed the various characters trying to deal with the sudden new reality. And the end/hook for the ongoing series was great. (Side note: there's going to be an ongoing?)

Jimmy Olsen One-Shot (Jimmy Olsen's Big Week)
Writer: Nick Spencer, Artist: RB Silva, Inker: Dym

Oh man, I've been waiting for the end of this storyline ever since DC booted Jimmy Olsen as the backup feature on Action Comics (and I therefore quit collecting Action Comics). If you missed the feature last fall, this issue collects the entire arc in one triple-size book! It's so much fun: I love the writing, I love the art, the book just makes me happy. There are a couple of missteps in the art, which I only mention because a couple pages right at the climax were really jarring, and otherwise the art is so amazing that any flaw is really noticeable. I still highly recommend this as a sweet, funny romp and the best modern age/silver age mash-up I've read.

Wonder Woman #609
Writers: JM Straczynski and Phil Hester, Penciller: Don Kramer
Inkers: Sean Parsons and Wayne Faucher

I...didn't hate this. Eight issues of suck so far, but this one... was actually kinda good! I know, I'm shocked too. They're making progress towards restoring Wonder Woman's timeline/history, there were some neat comic-ish multiple-world ideas thrown around, and a kick-ass ending sequence. Dr. Psycho (revealed in the final panel last issue) isn't a villain I'm familiar with, but it looks like this is a really interesting take on him. At least alter the ugliest parts of that costume (maybe the often-hideous bicep garters), and we could be in business!


  1. Does the Jimmy Olsen book have material that wasn't in the original Action Comics issues? Kinda seemed like you're saying it does

  2. Yes! DC only printed four parts, I think, before switching to the shorter issue length and ditching the backup feature. (Do you recall the charity date auction? That was the last one.) So it's a reprint of the first four, plus the rest of the story: seven segments in all.


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