Comics Briefly, Budget Cuts Edition: Batman Beyond #2, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers #3

This week's visit to the comic store was delayed due to weather, and the fact that the only books that came out this week were ones I had considered dropping. (Yes, I know Secret Six was this week, but I'm waiting for the trade.)

And I don't have a job for this month yet, so I read these books in the store. Yup, both of these books have officially fallen off the bottom of my pull list. No Best Issue this Week.

Issues were new in stores 2/2/11

Batman Beyond #2
Writer: Adam Beechen, Pencils: Ryan Benjamin
Inker: John Stanisci

Wow. An issue in which almost nothing happens except Terry and the League beat on each other for a bit for no good reason. The big thing that bothers me with this book is the dialogue. The writer needs to be more careful, because some lines that you could have gotten away with in the show, with the actors to give it color and tone, fall flat or worse on the page. More specifically, I don't like basically any of his dialogue between Terry and Bruce. When that doesn't work, there's nothing to this book.

Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers #3
Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: Leonel Castellani

Really this isn't terrible, but it's just too sappy, even for me. It crosses the line from All Ages over into Kid Friendly.  It would probably be fun for young kids, but I can't justify the cover price any more.

I know, short and depressing post this week, huh? Well, next week I'll make up for it. There's a LOT of books I'm interested in that are scheduled to come out next week.


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