Comics Briefly: American Vampire #12, X-Men Legacy #245, New Mutants #22

Favorite Book This Week: American Vampire #12

All books were new in stores on 2/23/11

American Vampire #12 (Strange Frontier)
Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Danijel Zezelj

This was a fun, dark one-off story, almost a break between the last few story-lines and the ones ahead. It's a flashback of sorts, filling in a bit more of Skinner Sweet's background. I loved it. I loved the set-up, I loved the plot, I loved the dialogue. About the only thing I didn't love was the cover, which I found somewhat bland. As for the art inside, I'm not in love with Zezelj's style, but it worked for this issue. Rafael Albuquerque seems set to return as main artist next issue for a WWII arc. I'm excited.

X-Men Legacy #245 (Age of X Chapter 1)
Written by Mike Carey
Pencils: Clay Mann, Inks: Jay Leisten, Colored by Brian Reber

I'm amused by this alternate/parallel/whatever take on the X-Men. I don't like the sheer number of characters in this issue, although I'm sure I'd love it if I could place more of them. I just don't know enough of the second-string X-Men and villains to be able to peg them all. It's still an enjoyable issue, despite that. I do like many of the concepts: takes on the characters that are just 'off' enough to be new, while still being on another level the same characters.

New Mutants #22 (Age of X Chapter 2)
Written by Mike Carey
Pencils: Steve Kurth, Inks: Allen Martinez, Colored by Brian Reber

I liked this chapter better (it's the direct sequel to the above), mainly because it focused on fewer characters, and there was more of a plot developing. I'm definitely intrigued by where they're going with this. Also, most of it's a Rogue story, and I love Rogue. She's used really well here, too.


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