The Pursuit Of...

The Pursuit Of...
Courtney Milan, 2018

Premise: At the Battle of Yorktown, a black American soldier comes upon a British officer who doesn’t seem interested in fighting, or at least in winning. It’s the unlikely beginning of a grand romance. 

This... I just... I... How do you type a happy squeeing sound?

I absolutely adored this. I loved both characters, how their differences fit together. I sometimes have trouble believing the attraction between romance protagonists, but this is compelling from the first page. 

It is also hilarious. Laugh-out-loud funny, tense without being stressful, wonderfully sexy, and beautifully written. 

John’s situation as a former slave isn’t softened or glossed over, but neither is it exploited for cheap drama. Henry has his own issues and a very un-British obsession with the Declaration of Independence. This combination means that the book grapples, if gently, with the space between myth and reality when it comes to the founding fathers.

This novella was originally part of a three-novella release all inspired by Hamilton. The only criticism I have is that there are a few bits in the epilogue that tie directly into the other novellas that are a smidge awkward. 

I highly recommend this, both as a sheer delight of a romance and as a temporary respite from the current news, one which hinges on the idea that our American ideals are worth caring about.

5 Stars - An Awesome Book


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