Klaus (Issues #1-7)

Note: Image not actually a
good representation of the story.
Klaus (Issues #1-7)
Grant Morrison and Dan Mora, 2015-2016

I remember seeing this title about a reimagined Santa hit stores. I've always been intrigued but also very tentative about it.

A big part of why I never read this book before now is that I've been burned before on Santa retellings, and the cover art was fairly realistic/Conan in style, making me think it would be too dark. I have strong opinions on what is appropriate Santa behavior and what is not. I have a history with this character that I'm protective of. In short, I have FEELINGS about this topic.

Now I've read it, and... y'all, this might be a new favorite.

Read the full review on Mainlining Christmas!

4 Stars - A Very Good Book

P.S. - This mini-series has been followed by a series of annual one-shot stories that have ramped up the superhero-flavor, the action, and the sense of an entire yuletide-magic-universe. I've read a few and they're fun, but I think I prefer this first story, at least so far.


  1. When I saw a movie called Klaus was being released, I hoped it was based on the comic. But alas, it was not.

  2. Nope. I saw that movie, and it was just okay. The comic is much more fun :)


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