Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children, Book 3)

Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children, Book 3)
Seanan McGuire, 2018

Premise: Cora is a new student at the Home for Wayward Children - the school and refuge for those young souls who traveled to other worlds and came back to Earth despite it no longer being their home. Sequel to Every Heart a Doorway.

When is novella three a sequel to novella one? When novella two is a prequel. Beneath the Sugar Sky picks up plot threads from the first novella with mixed results, in my opinion. I still love the characters and the world(s), but I found the pace of this one much less compelling. It meanders, introducing characters and ideas and then moving on, almost a travelogue with a goal more than a quest.

Cora is a great character, but she is underserved by the plot hinging so directly on previous events that she wasn't present for. It makes her feel like an extra in a story told largely from her perspective.

Again, I still really enjoyed this read, but I wasn't nearly as blown away by this installment.

3 Stars - A Good Book (with great moments)


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