Elite (Hunter, Book 2)

Elite (Hunter, Book 2)
Mercedes Lackey, 2017

Premise: Sequel to Hunter. Joy is part of the elite squad now, so she's under less public scrutiny but even more private pressure. She doesn't know who else might be behind the attempts on her life, or whether she might be targeted by political enemies of her uncle. Meanwhile, the Othersiders' attacks on the city are increasing...

The first book in this series was a lot of fun, and this one followed suit.

We learn a little more about the psychic cops and more about how human magic works. We don't learn much more about why Othersiders (aka, beings of myth and legend, apparently from another dimension) are attacking humans, or why Hounds have allied with humans to fight them.

The book is simply more concerned with Joy's relationships with the other hunters and her status and life as a hunter than about metaphysics or interdimensional politics. White Knight, her "Christer" friend, plays a big role, as do new friends among the other elite hunters, her uncle, and her boyfriend. Joy is adapting to life in the city, but every time she turns around there's still something she finds strange.

The magic battles are pretty great. Lackey's a pro at this, so I'd expect nothing less, but the use of magic is constantly inventive and exciting, and it's fun just to read about their practice.

Again similar to book one, there isn't much more to this tale of adventure and intrigue, but there doesn't need to be. It's great as it is.

4 Stars - A Very Good Book


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